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KCER Watch


KCER Watch is a monthly environmental scan that provides timely and pertinent information related to emergency preparedness. Each month, KCER will review available literature from peer-reviewed journals and emergency and disaster related trade publications, social media postings, and stakeholder websites to identify news and events in the emergency management field that are beneficial to the ESRD community. The goal of KCER Watch is to facilitate the exchange of information, sharing of resources, and advancement of knowledge and expertise among ESRD and emergency management stakeholders.

We encourage you to share this resource widely with patients, providers, and stakeholders in your area. The PDFs below can be emailed, faxed, or posted to a website/social media account. We also ask that you take a moment to provide your thoughts on the KCER Watch resource by clicking the survey link at the end of the newsletter. Your feedback is important to us, we want to know what you think!

2018 KCER Watch Newsletters

January 2018

The January 2018 KCER Watch highlights Flu Activity Across the U.S., Why You Should Drop Cover and Hold On During an Earthquake, and How to Shelter in Place.

2017 KCER Watch Newsletters

December 2017

The December KCER Watch highlights the Disaster Preparedness Topic Collection, Medical Supply Shortage Due to Hurricane Maria, and Tips to Keep You Prepared for the Winter Storm Season.

November 2017

The November KCER Watch highlights Emergency Preparedness Tabletop Exercises, how Tech Experts Teamed Up to Connect St. John, and Safety Tips for the Winter Storm Season.

October 2017

The October features information on the Emergency Preparedness final rule, the  Flu Season, and How to Prepare for a Wildfire.

2016 KCER Watch Newsletters

December 2016

This December KCER Watch highlights how transportation affects dialysis care, the latest reported Zika case in the US, Hand Washing Awareness Month, and staying safe this winter.

November 2016

This November 2016 KCER Watch highlights the new Proposed Rule for dialysis facilities and their fire safety standards, the North Carolina wildfires, the upcoming KCER Summit, and other emergency preparedness topics.

October 2016

This October 2016 KCER Watch highlights how to get assistance from FEMA and avoid scams after a disaster, National Cyber Security Month, the KCER "WHAT IF..." campaign, and helpful tips on how to prepare on a budget.