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There are currently six workgroups which focus on a specific area for preparedness and response activities.

Workgroups meet quarterly, or sometimes more frequently, usually via teleconference.

Workgroup activities and meeting minutes may be requested here.

Workgroup Mission
Communication Improve or enhance the use of communication technologies to assure that information is available to assist the kidney community provide continuity of care during the response and recovery phase of a disaster
Clinical Practice Develop a means that professional dialysis staff, to include nurses, technicians, social workers, and dietitians, can be made available and deployed to assist patients during a disaster
Facility Operation Facilitate cooperative planning among the wide variety of dialysis facilities, ESRD Networks, and community disaster planners, and assist with facility preparation, response, and recovery efforts
Pandemic and Infectious Disease Develop and disseminate plans to help the kidney community maintain its ability to care for patients in the even of emerging and widespread infectious disease
Physician Expert Provide nephrology expertise to support the management of patients with kidney disease, especially dialysis-dependent patients, during a disaster. We define a kidney failure disaster as an event that places large numbers of patients treated with maintenance dialysis or individuals with a recent onset of acute kidney injury at risk due to the lack of dialysis care.
Training and Education Develop a training program to enhance the kidney community, to include the patients and providers, response capabilities and development of training materials

Interested in volunteering on a workgroup?

KCER welcomes those who are interested in volunteering to promote the needs of kidney patients in emergencies and disasters. Browse the KCER workgroup List to choose a workgroup that fits your professional and personal goals. Each workgroup has a mission that outlines their goals and activities.

If you are interested in becoming a member of a workgroup, please contact KCER at

Workgroups support KCER and the kidney community by performing these administrative duties:

  • Meet via teleconference quarterly, or as needed and resources allow
  • Submit meeting minutes to identify progress and new ideas
  • Review web materials and recommend documents for posting, to include changes, deletions or additions
  • Notify KCER of technical assistance support needed to conduct workgroup activities
  • Submit current team member contact information and updates as needed to KCER (name, mobile/office telephone numbers, email address and alternate email address)

As a member of a workgroup, volunteer members agree to:

  • Participate in at least two teleconference or meetings annually
  • Contribute to the workgroup’s activities through the listserve
  • Volunteer for outreach activities, if possible
  • Uphold their own organization’s rules while volunteering for the KCER Workgroup
  • Act responsibly and professionally
  • Keep their contact information current
  • Notify the workgroup chair if they become unable to volunteer for the KCER Workgroup

If you are interested in becoming a member of a workgroup, please contact KCER at