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Red Cross: Tsunami Safety Checklist

This checklist provides guidance on how to prepare for a tsunami, what to do during a tsunami, and recovery steps to take after.

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CDC: Tsunami Preparedness

Tsunamis, also known as seismic sea waves, are a series of enormous waves created by an underwater disturbance such as an earthquake, landslide, volcanic eruption, or meteorite. A tsunami can strike anywhere along most of the U.S. coastline. Learn more about tsunamis and get information about health concerns after a tsunami including food and water safety.

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This page explains what actions to take when you receive a tsunami alert from the National Weather Service for your local area. It also provides tips on what to do before, during, and after a tsunami.  Tsunamis can strike any U.S. Coast, but risk is greatest for states and territories with Pacific and Caribbean coastlines.

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