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During an Emergency


Considerations for Triage of Dialysis Patients

During an emergency, dialysis patients may arrive at local evacuation shelters. Shelter staff can use this resource to help with triaging dialysis patients that arrive at the shelter.

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Non-enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact States Grid

Use this reference tool to identify the requirements and procedures for obtaining emergency licensure in different states.

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Safe Use of "Tanker" Water for Dialysis

During emergency situations, the local municipal distribution of water may be disrupted for extended periods of time. This resource provides guidance for both the suppliers of water and dialysis facilities for using water delivered by tanker trucks in emergency situations.

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FEMA Business Recovery Plan

An organization’s continuity of operations plan documents the overarching strategy, policies, and procedures required to support its headquarters continuity of operations program. As the DHS entity for coordinating the Executive Branch continuity of operations program, National Continuity Programs (NCP) has developed detailed planning guidance and plan templates to help other federal and non-federal entities in their continuity planning.

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